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Captcha Breaker Demo Version?? Need Help

I bought a license for GSA search engine ranker yesterday but I was using a third party captcha service. After registering on this forum found out that the GSA captcha breaker does pretty well in solving captcha. And decided to try it out as well but after downloading the trial version, its showing that the trial period has expired but never even used it once... I just downloaded it and installed it, then it showed trial expired...

Can anyone please, sort this out.,. I even reinstalled it but no change... :) Willing to get this program if it works as the threads on this forums say...


  • SvenSven
    Once its expired there is no way back sorry.
  • But I did not even try or use it.. :) It all happened in 5 minutes -- download -- Install - Launch CB software -- then this message trial expired...

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    You sure you didn't download and install before? I did that once. Meant to use it, never did, problem is, it doesn't count usage, only days. So if you installed it today and forgot to try it for 5 days, well... Truthfully though, just buy it. You'll thank yourself later. It really does save you money.
  • Hey @CypherStell . Have always been reading a lot of post of yours on warriorforum regarding various seo tools.

    Do you think it is worth the money.. , I will definitely go for it., :)

    Only problem is I have not seen it in action and that small feeling of hesitation in my mind is stopping to take further decision.
  • OP , it has 99% been installed already on your system.

    I'm not going to mention how it works, but judging by how it works, it has been installed before.

    Rebel, I'm running the demo, buying tomorrow, it'll save you money, naturally the more you use GSA the more you'll save. I'm been watching some videos on GSA being a newb with it and one guy has saved $10k (it shows you the money you have saved on the bottom left). Ok you might not be running huge campaigns like that but for sure you'll save, indeed this guy uses nothing else but GSA captcha , no back captcha service. It's a great way to save alot of cash.

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    Rebel, I can tell you it is worth the money absolutely. Glad you like my WF posts, thank you! There is an unbiased comparison of tools you should read here: That's what sold me. And I'm glad I bought it!
  • I'd recommend Death By Captcha for recaptcha, cheapest service out there. That way you're totally covered.
  • This GSA forum rocks :) Being a customer getting help from other experienced customers really gives an awesome feel.. I am not stranded,, there are people to guide.. I won't forget to thank you both @hitone :) and @CypherSteel. :) Well Happy New Year Guys, :)
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