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Problem with Restoring Projects

Hello, I'm trying to move my GSA tools from my main windows 7 machine to a virtual machine running on my server (windows 2012). I backed up all the settings, and also all the projects. I installed SER on the windows server VM, and restored my settings. That seemed to work ok. For my projects, I have all the GSA directories on a fileserver. I mounted the server the same way in the new place, and did a restore of all the projects. Since the files already exist, it asked me whether to replace the 200-300 files in the identified, submitted, and failed folders. First pass I said no, and after going through the whole process, no projects show up in the project pane. I tried again replacing the files, and same result. What am I doing wrong with the restore that I can't get the projects to show up? Oatmo


  • SvenSven
    restoring projects would not ask to replace existing things when there is nothing.
  • There is something. I pointed them to the same file share where all the files were stored (on the old machine), so the files are already there. The files are fine, I just can't get the projects to show up in SER.
  • I don't think that you can point gsa to a project folder; never done that-or seen that
  • let me be more clear about what I'm trying to do (since it seems like I wasn't clear): I have 3 machines. Let's call them old machine, new machine, and file server. Old machine: Windows 7 professional. New machine: windows server 2012 Hyper-v VM File server: Windows home server 2010 So on the old machine, I have drive Y mapped to \\fileserver\documents\websites. In SER I have all the folders set to y:\GSA, so all the lists of sites are stored on the fileserver. I saved the settings, and also all the projects. On the new machine, I mapped y: to \\fileserver\documents\websites. I restored the settings, so the files are pointed to Y: in the same place. I then restored the projects, and during that process, it asked me if I wanted to overwrite all the files with the sites (site-list failed, site-list success, site-list verified which would be expected since they are mapped to the same files). After that is done, then no projects show up in the project pane. My problem is that I can't get the projects onto the new machine.
  • I was able to do it by saving and restoring the projects individually. The problem is with the all projects option. It apparently does more than save and restore the projects, and that's causing the problem.
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