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Tier Building Assistance

Hi everyone.

I am a little bit confused on how GSA knows when one tier  ends and  and heads to the 2nd tier  tier.. I am not sure how to set this up. Also, If I scrape  a bunch  of sites  that are... lets say PR  3. and add them to GSA . how does GSA know what  PR rank these are... if I set GSA to only put links on PR rank 3 sites  or higher?  

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    ser gets the pr of domain upon finding a target and you can choose whether or not to save the pr in your site lists-------don't worry about gsa getting confused----------just set up tiers-------look at this------- could someone please tell me how to get line breaks in my posts---------it used to just type and make them by hitting enter/shift enter but now no matter what it jarbles all together
  • edited December 2013 Accepted Answer
    if you already have the page rank then add"|page rank" to the end of the url and you don't have to worry about that

    Better yet if you check pr in scrapebox and export with the pr and then import that list the page ranks will be appeneded
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    @krushinem regarding the linebreak proble:
    Had the same behaviour with firefox. Moved to opera - all linebreaks appear - everything is fine there...
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    yeah it is firefox-works in chrome


  • I understand if GSA scrapes the site but what If I add my own sites that are high page rank and run a campaign with sites  with this rank or higher? Will   GSA recognize the Page Rank of the sites I imported?
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