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Problem With Hotmail Accounts That GSA Might Be Able to FIX!

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Hmm.. Seems like hotmail is starting to get aggressive at blocking email accounts. These are brand new accounts which I just purchased from a really reputable supplier so I don't think it's the supplier. They have been in use for only 2 day's and I only signed up to about 80 sites with them. I think microsoft has gotten way to many complaints since just about everyone who dose link building uses hotmail accounts. Also, on another note, it doesn't seem like GSA is detecting this since when I check these same accounts, GSA tells me it's fine. My question to @Sven, is GSA program to detect this error? What I mean by that is, dose GSA know what to do when presented with the screen above? You have to click the "skip for now" link to access the inbox or else you'll be stuck at this screen.


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    Also, sorry if my OP look's like one big paragraph.. For some reason, recently, GSA forum removes all the spaces from my post and makes it look like one giant paragraph.
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    I have people email me all the time about this issue when they buy our Hotmail accounts. Hotmail has been doing this for a long time actually. The cause of it is because you're signing in from a completely different IP and the account is not verified. GSA doesn't detect an error BECAUSE there is no error to detect from GSA's side -- because they access by POP3. So when using the email accounts to build backlinks, pop3 access is perfectly intact. If you must log into your accounts manually, you should follow these steps to bypass that message:

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