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Indexer-Whois Stats

It appears that GSA is not importing the whois stats files when I have it set to use identified lists for Indexer links. Also, when I try to right click on project and import site lists for the aforementioned lists, only the fast indexer file is automatically selected. Perhaps I'm missing something.


  • SvenSven
    fixed in next version
  • It's not a big issue, but this problem is still occurring. Also, the two indexer files are not being exported properly for the verified GSA file.  Exports fine for the identified file though.
  • SvenSven
    sorry, but can you describe exactly what you do so I can reproduce and fix it? Maybe I misunderstood what you where trying to say.
  • Sure, no problem.

    Right click project
    Select import target url's
    Select site lists
    Only check Identified Press OK
    Indexer-Fast Indexer is automatically checked
    Indexer-Whois or Statistics is not checked

    Also, I exported the identified and verified files and tried to import them.  Indentified correctly imported both indexer files, but the verified file only imported the fast indexer list for some odd reason.  

  • SvenSven
    should be fixed in next version.
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