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Wordpress Comments using GSA ??

I have scraped well over 200 relevant wordpress urls and I want to comment only on those pages..

So is there a way to do that. I tried unchecking everything except - General blogs - for commenting. But GSA is asking me to enter a keyword. I do not want to use any keywords, because I already have my target urls loaded...

1. I just want to comment on these Self Wordpress blogs only that I have scraped.
2. I do not want to post to any other General blogs except these scraped urls ..  So can I have this facility to not add any keywords to the list but still comment.. only to my target url's.


I tried searching the forum before posting here,.. But did not find any answer.. Hope I do get some positive response here. 

By the way I purchased GSA software today..., Previously have used MS... and it worked very well for wordpress commenting and had good results with them.. But GSA is something more advanced but I guess this wordpress commenting is something that is bugging me.. Any help would be appreciated..


  • untick Use URLS from global site list if enabled make sure no search engines are checked you already have general blogs seleceted import the url list into the project itself by right clicking->I,F an explorer windows will open to allow you to browse and select that file don't understand what is meant by not adding any keywords to the list
  • Hi, @Krushinem thank you for the answer. Will try it out now..

    Keywords - I meant, if we don't enter any keywords in the keywords column, the software shows a pop window asking me to "fill all the keywords", if I press OK button .

  • It worked :)

    Happy., .
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