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Need help with backlinks


I installed GSA SER about 9 months ago. I achieved some great results in a very low competition long tail search. I ranked the website within the top 3 for a few months. When the google update came out over Summer I lost ranking, now i'm on page 4 for a term I as ranking on page 1. I have just started re-using GSA SER within the last week and had been getting some decent backlinks (no tiers. i did not use tiers before either) for the niche I am in. Its been a week and no change in rankings. How do I find out how to get back within the top 3 spots for such a low competition long tail keywords that I am using? Could someone also please explain the analysis to your conclusions.
Many thanks


  • I would start with learning the details of the last penguin update-your question is multifaceted-
  • Thanks Krushinem, my site has suffered a drop in the rankings since the last update. Yes, there are many parts to my questions, I apologize but i'm still new to GSA SER and the effects of the last Google Update
  • I would be specifically interested in the anchor text%
  • I used a lot of the same anchor text prior to the last google update. I think this could be why I was penalized. How do I resolve this problem? Thanks
  • @novice35 Why would you even use a tool like SER without understanding what it will do?
  • the best way to handle it is to build new links and don't use your main keys-it has worked for me several times-if this is your issue
  • thanks Krushinem, so I would use links that don't have anchor text but are do-follow?
  • Davbel, it worked for me for a while but then the Google update happened. I don't use tiers if that's what you're asking. should I?
  • YOu got hit by penguin. Been there and recovered. Dollars to doughnuts, your target keyword% is too high. Remove your links and start over using a lower target anchor text%(under 20%).
  • edited December 2013
    Thanks S._A but how do I remove my links? Do I disavow them in Google Webmaster Tools? Is this the fastest and only way?
  • Try right clicking on a project status=>remove links
  • Thanks S_A but how do I get rid of the links I made before the penguin update? I don't have those projects anymore - I had to change computers
  • Sorry, forgot to accept the answer - please see previous comment
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