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Help with "use global site list only"

Trying to use a project using -->Use global site list only

- Only one project platform clicked (forum SMF)

- One global site list checked -->Identified

-  sitelist_forum-smf imported using --identify sort in

- using provate proxies

- no other projects are active

- after activating project (had been activated before) get this over and over again with no posting or any other messages. Note msg says 1/60 when there are thousands of urls in sitelist_forum-smf.

00:02:30 projectname [ ] loaded 1/60 urls from site list

00:02:32 projectname [ ] loaded 2/60 urls from site list

00:02:36 projectname [ ] loaded 1/60 urls from site list

00:02:42 projectname [ ] loaded 2/60 urls from site list 


  • if you only have 1 platform selected why don't you import that particular site list into your project- deselect all global lists
  • Please explain how to import list into a project?
  • For import, I see:

    1. Import urls (identify platforms and sort in

    2. Import Site lists

    3. Import urls (holding site lists

    Can someone please explain the correct procedure to import a file of SMF urls and then run a project for that SMF platform by itself and not include any other platforms. To clarify. I only want to run a project for SMF and no other platforms.

  • SvenSven
    just import the URLs directly to a project with SMF enabled engine. That will also sort in the URLs to the site list for you while it is submitting.
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