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Project did not stop after verification reached

I have 5 urls and I set the project to "Stop the project after "50" +-"0"  verifications per url". It should stop after 250, but the verified urls is already 1570 now and the status is still showing "Active - Activity - Submission"?

The box "Verified link must have exact url" is ticked and the "When to verify" is set to "Automatic" (See pic)



Anything I done wrong?




  • goonergooner
    edited December 2013

    The problem is that verifications is hard for SER to calculate accurately in real time because some are submitted but not verified until a bit later, by that time SER has already over-shot your limit.

    Better to use "submitted per day". Only problem is that you can't get a totally accurate number of links per day. You need to check what percentage of your submitted are actually verified and set the number of links accordingly.

    Hope it helps mate
  • I understand how it work, my question is why the activity is still "Submission" when all my urls already received more than 50 verified urls? I mean if the activity is "Verification" then it's make sense for me, but why it's still submitting when the condition is already met?
  • goonergooner
    edited December 2013
    There is a reason for this, to be honest i forget the reason. Maybe @ron can shed some light on that?

    But the bottom line is that using "submitted per day" solves the problem.
  • ronron
    This is a multi-threaded application, and in my case, 300 threads.All of those threads are in the process of submitting at the same time.You could be at 49 verified while those 300 threads are all still submitting. There is no way that you can hit your verified number without grossly over-shooting the mark.

    We found this out in the first week of the forum. "Verified per 1440" or "Verified per day" will all overshoot the mark. You have to operate at "submissions per day". And if your track record is that approximately 20% of all your submitted turned into verified, and you want 50 verified per day, simply set SER to 250 submitted per day.

    This is the way to use SER to accurately get the # of verified per day.
  • I'm ok with over-shooting, but why it cant stop? In fact the project is still running as of writing and now already 2562 verified, 10 times over my setting (50 verified per 5 url)

    I usually stop running all the project once everyday to use all the threads for importing urls, and push the "Start" button again when finish importing, does this something to do with it? The project will ignore all the previous verified urls and start counting again?
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