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Understanding Keywords

If I DO NOT have the USE KEYWORDS AS ANCHOR TEXT checked off then what is the point of having keywords? What are the keywords actually doing?


  • SvenSven

    Keywords are sometimes used to:

    a) find target sites,

    b) used in submit forms where you have to use tags

    a) applies only to some engine s(dark green colored).

  • Ok ok. So if I only have like 5 keywords that I put in then it will severely limit the success rate of my SER?

    If I wanted to have a project that was just for washing a list would I need a HUGE list of keywords to do it?
  • SvenSven
    depends on the engines you use. Some engines use just the footprints, some use keywords. But it makes no sense to add all kinds of unrelated keywords. Just find keywords for your niche and thats it.
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