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Finding New Target Sites

I guess I am confused about about SER's functionality.

If I don't import url's and just let SER run won't it go out and find new sites to post to?

Isn't it searching for new sites?

I only ask because I have some projects running and they say "No more tartgets to post' but I thought SER was going out to find new places to post to.


  • SvenSven
    It searches itself for new targets, that message you get is just a hint that it would have posted to more sites if it had some more. In that case it is just ideling and waiting for results from search engine requests which can not be asked due to the setting to wait XYZ seconds between queries.
  • So SER is using my "keywords" to go find new sites right? When I put it on "use collected keywords to find new target sites" it isn't actually adding keywords to my "keywords" it is only adding them to a save file which it uses to search, correct?
  • SvenSven
    yes that option is not using the keywords on submission, but only for searching.
  • Thanks Sven you are awesome!
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