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GSA links and proxies problem, Please help

I brought the program around 2 months ago, It used to work very well I could get around 170 approved links in a couple of hours (with public proxies) I did try private proxies and the results were a little better. This was fine for my small website.

From about 2 weeks ago the program is close to not working at all. I am lucky if I can get 20 approved links per day. But I have noticed a huge amount of updates have been released within a short space of time.

Today I stated the program at 8am searched for some public proxies found 16958 in total but only 81 in total were working??

It's been running all day and I have 1 confirmed link.

for the last 5 hours it has been saying searching for new proxies 839 found, Then it does the same thing over and over again.

Any help please???



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