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Possible Bug? Verified links not increasing although links are being made.

This is probably a bug or I don't know but since the latest update(I think so) GSA is building links however they are not increasing under the 'Verified' tab etc.
It does occasionally increase but not proportional to the amount of links I have made to them.

Please help!


  • I'm seeing the same thing.
    Number of links submitted rose by 300 today - not a single VERIFIED link went across into GSA Indexer.  Nothing.

  • Have you both got it set to 'custom' verify every 1440 minutes (1 day) or do you have 'never' verify? Either way you can verify them yourself by stopping them and clicking the 'active verify only (Active V) and run SER. You'll see your submitted links decrease and your verified ones go up. 

    However, 300 links is nothing really. Do you have strong filters ie. PR4+ or something?
  • Actually mine is 'Automatic' and still I did not see the links increasing.

    I have put it to Active > Verify only and nothing happened even after half an hour,
  • Ok this is really stupid.

    I set it to verify and after a while it did start verification and turning up EACH link unsuccessful.
    My verified links decreased from 3400 to 2700 in a few minutes and then I stopped the project. 
  • Where can I download 7.23 - I build 400+ verified links in 24 hours with that.  Currently with 7.24 I have 1500+ submitted links and the same number of verified links as 4 days ago.  No - nothing has changed.  PR1, and I manually verified.
    Where can I downgrade GSA please?
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