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posting to lists - improvement

Hi sven,

I don't know if Ser does this before posting to a list (identified, verified, ect.) but if not this could be an improvement:
compare (filter) the list I want to use against the url history of a project - to filter out the urls that have been already used with this project. And this should be done BEFORE the posting process.
I mean the same as if you have some urls in scrapebox and import a list of urls into scrapebox using the "Select the url list to compare" feature.

I think this feature could speed-up the posting process because then you could skip the "compare each url seperate against the history and print already parsed if its already parsed" - process in Ser.



  • SvenSven
    checking if an URL was used before does not take much CPU time. It's a simple hash + quick compare.
  • Okay - I was just thinking of it. Didn't know how long this takes. But if you don't print out (in the status window) the "Already Parsed" message, it will be more clear to see which links where REALLY submitted.

    Just spend a little checkbox underneath the status window or in the options which says: "Hide "Already Parsed" Message" to only display "successful"-messages.
  • edited December 2013
    Or you do the opposite: a checkbox with the function "Display only successful Messages" which hides everything else. Because I don't have to know why a specific urls wasn't used.If I wanted to know this, I could take a look at the log.
  • SvenSven
    yes, such feature will be added in some future version for the log filter.
  • ok - thanks...
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