Verified links not increasing

So I'm getting this error since a few hours.
I start my project.The links start to build but they do not increase under the 'Verified' tab.
I've restarted etc but my No. of verified links has remained the same since the last two hours although I have made 300+ links.


  • Still need a reply on this.Anybody know what this is about?

  • Make more links! 300+ is too little to have a good view on quality of your project.
  • You must have it as automatic or custom for verified, so it's not going to verify them until a certain timeframe. You could make them all Active (v) and verify them yourself, then you know what's going on but as Revo ^^ said, 300 links is not a lot.
  • Actually I've built almost 2k links now and only 300-400 have shown under the 'Verified seciton'
    My project status is ACTIVE.
    Where do I change any other verification settings?
  • same problem here for the past 4 days..., over 8000 links built and 92 verified, even the engines that are usually instant to verify are not showing....
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