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How Often Do You Verify Links

It seems that I'm getting a low LPM because it looks like it's always verifying links when I check the status at the bottom. I have my first tiers to verify with the exact URL at the default interval every 1440 minutes. How often do you guys usually verify the links? What seems to be a good setting? Thanks


  • ronron
    1440 on contextual tiers, and 5000 on junk tiers - for the exact reason you stated. It makes ser go a lot faster. I used to have verification on junk tiers disabled because I'm not building links underneath junk tiers (so it didn't really matter). Plus junk tiers (mostly comments) are already 75% indexed the last time I really ran a check.

    The main reasons to verify junk tiers at all is: 1) get an idea of how many links you are actually building and 2) have decent data to analyze if the engines you chose are good or crap. There may be other reasons, but those are why I do it.

  • googlealchemistgooglealchemist Anywhere I want
    depends...if im running a second tier pulling only from global submits/verified lists the only reason to have verification enabled at all is to have it automatically send them to the index services as unfortunately it will not submit non verified subs. as ron said a lot of those types of links dont need it, but i would still want to send the contextual/new page type of links to the indexer services.

    i think i may see if its more efficient to leave off verification for those, and just bust out a monthly report in one shot and dump them into the services

    when testing newly harvested lists, i now have it set on automatic vs my old maxed out settings as for that im not concerned with max lpm per say, but building my verified lists
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