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do i need to run as webserver to use in scrapebox?

Reading up on how others were using cb with the most success I started using it to NOT run as webserver. Seems to work great with direct gsa integration but am I unable to use it for outside software like scrapebox set like this?


  • SvenSven

    I don't think Scrapebox has added direct access to CB or even anything Captcha Breaker related. You have to use the webserver and simulate one of the supported captcha services.

    Feel free to message the author to bag for adding a better support ;P

  • googlealchemistgooglealchemist Anywhere I want
    i switched to webserver and scrapebox started working with it.

    do you think gsa will have better/worse/same results using it as webserver vs not?
  • SvenSven
    that does not matter no.
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