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i want the buy verifty drupal list ... please send me pm.... and your contact skpye

i want the buy verifty drupal list ... please send me pm.... and your contact skpye


  • Hello Alexander,

    I have a Drupal list.. ~20.000 URLs

    USD $35


  • hi f3rch0
    how much verifty ?
  • Hello,

    Was scrapped and filtered with Scrapebox.

    Has not been yet tested on GSA Ser
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    HAHA! Then it is absolutley USELESS. 35$ and not run yet - LMAO
  • is according to your viewpoint..

    Do you prefer tested and used OR unproven and not used?
  • gotta chime in on that-have over 40k identified-

    you should test that before you try to sell it
  • Useless list. Give me 12 hours, and I can get 40,000 identified.
  • proceed.. 
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    @Satans_Apprentice apparently you don't read-the response is in regards to the previous post as in you should test the list because the majority of those sites will not post;

    yes the list is useless which is the point and yours will be too. And also it just dawned on me. This guy asks for a "legitimate" list. Why would you go and do what has already been done. Offer the guy a legitimate list--and just exactly how are you going to pull off getting 40k IDENTIFIED in 12 hours. Mind you have to scrape and then identify the sites.

    You will have too much trash to sort it in the time frame.
  • I will take a quality verified list any day of the week, and twice on Sunday. I have paid for verified lists, and I will continue to do so. If that identified list is such hot shit, why doesn't he post to it and sell it as a verified list? Because it is G-A-R-B-A-G-E. $35 for a quality verified list is a great investment. And, yes, I have a 4 quadcore processor VPS. If all I did was scrape for Drupal blogs, with Scrapebox, I am pretty sure I could build a target list in a fairly short time. I could blow those through my 4 quadcore processor VPS in a couple of hours. What is wrong with posting to sites where others have posted? If anything, the domain will be growing in authority as tiered links are built. Here's another thing - every verified link that I purchase turns into 10 or more as my tiers are built. A quality verified list pushes my LPM through the roof.
  • @Satans_Apprentice lol you rant as if we don't agree-We do-all you are doing is remaking my initial point. 

     "I am pretty sure I could build a target list in a fairly short time"  

    hmnn initially you stated 
    "Useless list. Give me 12 hours, and I can get 40,000 identified."

    Are you pretty sure or can you do it?   hmnn.  
    I built a zennobot that will translate english into over 75 different languages.  I have ran through 12 languages * a 365k keyword list with GSCRAPER @ 500 threads over 3 instances
    SCRAPEBOX will definitely crash while you are trying to load the language list
    moreover you still have to weed through all of the sites to identify them-
    So can you do it or can you not?

    lol I am just joking/playing around-but as I said before-offer the guy a legitimate list
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    In case no one has noticed, I do have a service here for a 30k new verified list each month.

    Now as far as people saying that its hard to find 40k verified drupal sites, my personal list is just over 60k.
  • lol @ 60k verified drupal domains
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    This is my personal verified list stats. Drupal is actually over 80k sorry. And yes this list is cleaned.


    No it never took me a month to build this list. I have had SER for a long time. And no my personal list is NOT for sale, sorry.

    I'm just saying that it is possible to to get 30k+ verified Drupal sites, but it does take a long time to build it.
  • Are these actually 30k unique domains or 3k unique domains with an average of 10 urls per domain? I suspect the latter.
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    exactly-and again lol
  • Don't mix unique domains with URLs please.
  • who sale verfity drupal list ??? everbody talk but no body sale !!!
  • if you not sale list PLEASE DONT WRİTE ANYTİNG... GO AWAY ... MAKE NEW SUBJECT...

  • Lol that's right.. They talk talk and just want to presume

    Alexander $30 for my list or if you have something to exchange let me know to my private inbox
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