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Many of the "show failed re-verifications" still exist and alive - may be 30%


for first time I checked "show URLs > show failed re-verifications"
in one single project unit alone I found 24'000+ URLs "failed re-verifications"

however after a manual URLs check of about one dozen "failed" URLs = I found that approx one third are actually existing up and correct looking. the others had server down or 403 or 404

how can I re-verify ALL from that category and re-integrate the existing ones back into the projects ??

The feature show URLs > verify > verify even those that got not verified before seems NOT to include any previously failed URLs as the total number of totally re-verified URLs appears the same with or without the feature "verify even those that got not verified before"

BTW this could be a bug from within the past 1 months or so
in this time-frame I suddenly LOST large numbers of verified URLs = several thousands in some projects
after my first project units (projects OR T1/T2) exceeded 10'000 verified URLs = the loss began, often by the thousand or more,
now ALL my projects have sank BELOW 10'000 verified URLs despite the submission of several hundred each day

when I now add some 30% of the a.m. failed category, then the total number of verified would look like before = OK


  • @sven

    after SB testing one single project plus T1 and T2 I have rescued and live-checked some 20'000 URLs that are still alive and existing,
    depending on project, that is 30-50% of the "failed re-verifications"  are still alive

    1. the question is how to properly re-import them into the project files
    2. how to avoid such huge loss in future re-verifications (always done manually)
  • I just finished the recovery of all "failed re-verifications"  using SB live check as well as some manual checks

    resulting in 41'115 recovered live URLs from all projects
    all waiting to be properly integrated into verified

    my SER activities will end on December 23, 2013 = time for Christmas and life after www
  • SvenSven

    1. just re-import in show verified urls dialog and do a re-verification

    2. no clue how this happened, else i would tell you. might be a lose of internet connection and a error page provided by your isp (because empty replies are not seen as "verification failed").

  • edited December 2013
    ?? @sven - I fail to see what you write / means
    in the main window > right click
    show URLs > verified

    I see NO import function for URLs
    only export

    are you talking about another function from another place within SER configurations ??
    if so please specify
  • On the verified urls dialog, try right clicking. You'll see an import option there.
  • :) OK got it
    was looking at the menu functions verified within and forgot to click on the main window itself
    thanks for clarification

  • edited December 2013
    Now after import as above told,
    there are ALL additional data missing such as anchor text, engine, etc

    how to get those data back without having to re-verify all??
    or do I HAVE to re-verify ALL to make them valid for BL creation ??

    re-verification TOO risky for me at this moment of project just 4+ days before end considering above huge damage - unless REALLY and absolutely NEEDED for linkbuilding TO the recovered URLs

    re-verification of ALL 40'000+ URLs takes MANY hours = may be 10-12 hrs with all projects stopped ...

    honestly some 4 days before end of project I have no trust at all to ever re-verify anything at all and would prefer to save whatever possible in missing BLs before shutdown
  • SvenSven

    you have to reverify them. than all the data is readded.

  • @sven

    VERY expensive solution for me when every minute counts for submission before shutdown of SER project  on Dec 23 !!

    please tell me in precise words what happens if NO re-verification is done??
  • ronron
    @hans51 - I created a thread on this a long time ago. I would not re-verify. Period.

    This is not an issue unique to GSA SER. I was dealing with this with Scrapebox since that product first came out. I am not sure if it is because both are multithreaded apps which probably contributes to the issue. But I can assure you that it happens with Scrapebox every day.

    I have basically stopped re-verification. There are pros and cons to each side. At this point I would rather be building dead branches with tiers vs. eliminating live branches with tiers.

    I know you seek perfection, but I think this is one small thorn on the bush. I honestly believe you are far better to not re-verify. Plus, you will save yourself some heartache.
  • @ron
    thanks for your opinion
    :) saving heartache is good point
    all I want is to create SOME links to the newly recovered 40+k live URLs

    since every second of remaining time until 23 December is needed to create as many new verified submissions as possible to have all URLs indexed I prefer the NO-reverification solution

    the particular question of course was to @sven about the 40+k URLs that have NO data after today's re-import into each project ...
    like what anchors are used if the imported URL data is empty for all imported verified ones ...
    any reasonable anchor from the keywords or project is better than the precise one (in my case %meta_title%
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