Quantity of links VS Quantity of Pyramids

I'm trying to read everything here, since I have bought GSA, but something I'm still missing (maybe it's somewhere, but I can't find, sorry).

Everyone has his own strategy about building links and type of scheme, my starting strategy is to build 10 hq links on tier 1 (web 2.0), and after I'm building 10 links on tier 2 for each tier 1, and later I will build 10 links on tier 3 for each tier 2. So my scheme is:

Money Site <-- Tier 1 of 10 links <-- Tier 2 of 100 links <-- Tier 3 of 1000 links

Anyway, I don't know if, after to build this links, I have to buils other new pyramids (10 new web 2.0 as tier 1, 100 new links on tier 2 to the 10 webs 2.0, etc), or, like someone say, keep to build links to the same first pyramid, with a planned amount of new links every day.

I hope my question is clear, thanks for the help!


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    Why stop? I can't think of a single reason. Just let it roll. You could even keep tier 1 going, or just turn it on or off. If you draw it out on paper, it's all the same.
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    Tiers work but  quite honestly you have to wait at least month after they are indexed to see significant and steady rank improvement with the full potential reached after the 2nd or third month. The exception would be if you were getting homepage backlinks which had already accrued authority and age. Since your links are recently generated  with little to no PA they will have to mature for a few months before Google will fully trust them and transfer adequate link juice to your site. Age is a prominent SEO factor we can't fake. In the meantime,  keep GSA running. You dont want to stop building authority until you reach #1. At the point you can ease off :)
  • Ok Sweeppicker, I agree with you and I'm ready to wait some time before to get results.

    But my question was (in other words): in the meantime I'm waiting the better ranking, do i have to build more links to the same first tiers (so in the end each tier1 link will have 10, 20, 30 or more links, and also each tier2 link), or it's better don't overcharge every link of the tiers with too much backlinks coming from upper tiers, and only build new pyramids, always with my decided percentage 10>100>1000?

    Satans, same for you, you say me don't stop and I agree, but you didn't answer my question about HOW don't stop.

    Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate
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    Well if they are both targetting the SAME anchor text, I don't think it will matter much. One thing to keep in mind is the T1s with the higher root authority in theory should provide the most benefit.
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    You can build new pyramids, but you are better off just letting it run. You can always turn off tier 1 if you are worried about too many links.
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    Also, if you build new pyramids, you will be duplicating links.
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    Edit; just re-read whole thread....

    @peterperseo - For optimum performance of your tiered campaigns, you really need to follow the process of;
    • Check that the domains in your target list are indexed in google (If using a target list.)
    • Build your first tier of links
    • Re-verify them all
    • Check them to see if they are live (actually linking to your money site, Web2s, or wherever else)
    • Send any that aren't already indexed to an indexing service.
    • Discard any that don't get indexed within a sensible time frame (personal preference).
    • Build your next tier of links to the remaining urls
    • Rinse and repeat
    Also, the ratios that you would build really depend on your tier 1 properties and how stable they are. If you're building high quality web 2.0s then (as they are unlikely to get deleted) you can treat them *almost* like money sites and tier them a bit more heavily, whereas, with other properties you would probably be best to stick to a single 10>100>1000 structure.
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