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Solve Media captcha issue?

cherubcherub UK
edited December 2013 in Bugs
I've been testing an engine that uses Solve Media captchas as protection, and have been inputting each one manually, but every single captcha entered brings back a 'captcha answer was wrong' message in the debug window. I'm pretty sure that I'm entering the captchas correctly, and have tried multiple times to spread the risk of crappy typing ;)

The debug window doesn't seem to be showing me whether the adcopy_response and adcopy_challenge are being sent correctly, so I'm not really sure what the issue can be. If Solve Media is handled internally like ReCaptcha, then perhaps they've updated their javascript recently, and SER's processing needs to be tweaked?

Edit: I've noticed another SER user on the BHW forum having an issue with Solve Media captchas too


  • SvenSven
    You might need to use WireShark to see whats actually submitted and if all looks ok.
  • adcopy_response and adcopy_challenge both seem to be being sent to, but I'm unsure what the correct response should be. I'm simply using:


    ...for the Solve Media captcha field as I spotted it in another engine.
  • SvenSven
    you got some URL to debug on?
  • I'll PM ya
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