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A lot of bug just after buy !

edited December 2013 in Bugs
Hello, First thing to say, I'm 50% sure some problems happen because i have windows 8. I have powerfull computer and legal version of windows so i dont want install more older Windows just for GSA... First bug i have just after buy is : TBS I can't login with "The Best Spinner"... i get error message "not result valid". The thing is I found a topic 3 months old with guys who have same problem. That mean GSA team dont fix this bug after 3 month they know it... This is the link of the topic : Second bug I lauch campaing with GSA yesterday in evening. Maybe 2 or 3 hours after i come back on my compputer and i see GSA do new step and find proxies. It was time to sleep, i come back this morning and the message is still the same... GSA dont work all night. I'm not happy for a first test with GSA .... Below, the link from guys who have same problem with proxies : Yesterday i buy 3 software, GSA Ser, Captcha Breaker and indexer... i hope i do good choice?


  • SvenSven

    Slow down please

    1) There is no bug in TBS ... that thing is fixed right after someone mentioned issues here. If I rememer correctly it was some block on firewall or wrong input of login data

    2) Do you actually read the threads you post here? The issue was pointed out on that thread.

    I guess you use public proxies only. Thats the cause of many problems. Either you skip that, buy private proxies or add better sources for the proxies.

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