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Still Not Verifying...

Can you guys tell me if this is normal?  It has been like this for days....

I stopped the campaigns for the screen shot and to restart the PC.  Is it normal for links to stack like this?  It has been at least 10 days....


  • yes it is normal-especially if you have settings that will lead to this behavior-

    on the options tabs find "when to verify"
    when do you actually have your links set to verify
    but the main reason they would stack up is these 2 boxes
    "Don't remove urls"
    "remove after first verification"

    depending on the time set for verifying your links
    and rather on not you have either of the second 2 checked will lead to your links stacking up

    I think that most people have the "remove after first verifiation" box checked

    if the software does not find the link it will remove it from verified

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