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Feature Request: Pause Projects When 0 Links Left in Target URLs

I run GSA using pre-scraped lists so this feature would be great for people like me that don't rely on GSA to keep scraping and posting.
When my projects have finished posting and there are no more links to post to in the target URL list I would like for GSA to pause the projects (maybe after a final email verification and post run).

This way, when using the scheduler, I can choose the option "Stop projects with status Active (Pause)" and it will not keep trying to post to these finished projects, which would waste time for the other projects which are running that still have links left to post to.

An alternative would be for the scheduler to simply have an option like this:
"Stop projects with 0 links left in target URLs"

In fact, that's probably the easiest option!

Thanks in advance


  • That would be awesome. I am the same way and I have no clue when my projects are out of links at this point in time. (I run too many projects to see it in the logs).
  • SvenSven
    or now you simply select all projects with brown color in Active (means no targets left) and stop it.
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