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Best Area for SEO Consult Request

I know this is not an SEO forum. I hope this is the right area for making a request like this. I want to consult with someone for a fee that REALLY knows their shit about building out my Tier 1. So far, from everything I have read here, I know to build out High PR Web 2.0's, High PR Doc Sites, High PR Social Bookmarks, High PR Video Sites, and Private High PR Blog Posts. I have all the tools, the time, and the money. Cheers!


  • So what else do you need? Sounds like you have everything and need to just do :)
  • My issue is with what I should hand build, why, the content strategy, and how I should structure it for effectiveness, and scale it all. Everyone says not to build out your tier one sites using 100% automation 
  • contextual links - blog networks, EDU link, etc. You can fully automate tier 1, but you have to know what your game plan is and what the projected life of said site is.
  • 6-18 months life span. The site supports the invcome of 25 people though. So I have to plan ahead with other web properties to market our services. We are an in the computer support business which is mid to high competition for organics that earn. I don't trust Google. I have seen too many sites hit by sandboxes and penalties that weren't doing much to warrant an attack. I got hit with some BS and we filed a reconsideration request with Matrix Search (our old SEO firm)... Pretty high dollar guys. Anyway, this is all business now, and they keep changing the rules. I will adapt and they can kiss my arse. PPC is outrageous in my space. No way to get the ROI. We run PPC on Bing Yahoo.... Anyway I am ranting. If we lose our rankings due to manipulation, we will rebuild. However, and this is the most important part, I would rather go somewhat conservative, and make the property last longer. These sites are very expensive to build with 600+ pages of hand written and edited real content.
  • goonergooner
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    @coneh34d - For my clients in similar situations, i recommend they build landing page sites/lead gen sites or whatever you want to call it.

    Use those sites for SEO and who cares if they get slapped. Only $10 to buy another domain name, no need to add 600 pages of content - Just basic pages and some pages optimised for your kw's.

    I have a couple of clients with multiple sites on page one for the same keywords using this strategy, they also have sites on page 3, 4, 10 etc - If page one sites get hit the link building on the lower sites is stepped up a notch to replace page one sites.

    Works like a charm.

  • @gooner - thanks, I appreciate the landing page idea. Thats solid.
  • I use the same strategy that @gooner outlined in his previous post, and it does indeed work like a charm.

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    @2Take2 and @gooner .. again thanks for the suggestion. Along with my primary site, I am building these type of landing page sites now on different Class C blocks. I have owned some of these domains for awhile, and Ill buy some more with PR. GSA wants more to work on, so Ill feed her....
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