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Remove duplicate urls / domains function

I use this function every 3-5 days, thing is, when i want to delete duplicate domains i get that mini window with all the platforms selected. Obviously no one should delete the duplicate domains from this following main platforms : blog comments, image comment, trackback, guestbook
I see there is "Check by Mask" wich is good but we need Uncheck by Mask aswell.
It would be so much easyer if we could uncheck by mask so we can uncheck all guestbook platforms with 1 click (they are around 50-70 different platforms .txt in my global list about guestbooks, i must check them manually one by one every time i remove duplicate domains.)

Another usefull thing would be to be able to press shift on this mini window, also ctrl, this will help us select multiple platforms and click2 uncheck them.
For me now the process is to manually disable around 90 different platforms from this remove duplicate domain function every time, this is time consuming and i think can be improved.



  • SvenSven

    by default you have the engines deselected where it makes sense.

    The other addition will be added.

  • When updated to v7.39 the default you mentioned above was removed? I almost clicked OK when using remove duplicate URLs function, luckily I checked again and saw those were Checked by default in v7.39 @Sven
  • SvenSven
    Than you clicked "remove duplicate URLs", for Domains it is unchecking certain engines.
  • goonergooner
    i can vouch for what Sven is saying there, remove dup domains always unchecks blog comments for example and it has been working perfectly ever since i first tested it, maybe 4 months ago. I use it every day.

    So relax, it won't hurt you to use it and if you post from sitelists it will speed up your LPM lots!
  • ronron
    +1 on this. I was just in the other thread on this topic, and now just saw this. What @gooner says is 1000% true. When you remove the garbage from your lists, SER creates verified links like there is no tomorrow.

    I'm glad @sven designed this to leave the comment platforms alone. This makes it really easy.
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