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Why does SER always update the Profile page URL for bookmarks?

Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
edited December 2013 in Bugs
I don't know why but the only way I can get a decent verified total from bookmarks is when I enable the Profile links.

And why is SER updating this information on already created accounts anyways? Once the account is created and the URL field of the profile page is filled, I don't think it should be changed all the time we want to use the same account again to submit more bookmarks to.

When I don't have the profile link enabled, SER can show me in the log literally thousands of Successfully Logged in and Submitted messages, but will hardly verify any. However, when I have the Profile link enabled, that's the only time it seems that SER will verify the Story links for the bookmarks.

@Sven, if you want me to send you my account Data for some bookmark accounts for you to test with, let me know.

I know I know, i'm always talking about problems with bookmarks. I have a HUGE list of them that I can submit to, I just need to figure out the right settings or something to get SER to verify them all.


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