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edited December 2013 in Bugs
OMG!!! please reduce cpu usage by CB (%30+ is a very high and doesn't normal) I compare with CS and CS use about 15%


  • average time 3.8 !!! sec and periodicaly process NOT RESPONDING! wtf ?
  • Until about a week ago I ran SER with CB for many months
    33 threads gave me usually almost steady 99% CPU - very rarely (every several seconds) a few percentage points less (as proof of NOT overloading CPU)

    Now I use strictly NO CB but only outside service (antigate)

    CPU usage with 44 threads is mostly 20-50%
    and MORE verified % as well

    if you TRY to solve drupal captcha with 8-10 chars = CB may use 1--20 seconds for one single captcha

    of course on slow atom 1.86 Ghz 32bit CPU

  • Hello,
    I'm interesting to know follow this program software name,
    anybody who knows?

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