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Monstrous 15 million unique domain GSA list plus free bulletproof VPS - put your GSA on steroids

Are you tired of mediocre results from GSA because of low success rates, search engine bans and dead or dying public proxies? Perhaps your LPM doesn't go high enough for you to build enough links because your slow proxies drag you down. So many sites also ban public proxies thus fooling GSA into thinking they're not up. How about this, forget all the scrambling for new sites and nursing GSA every couple of hours and just run this monstrous 15 million list down to the ground.

Maybe you tried buying some private proxies only to discover that they were too slow to help, and were always banned on google. Or you subscibed to a huge proxy list only to discover they were just twice as many in number as your public proxies but just the same mediocre quality resulting in twice the frustration but at a price this time. Meanwhile your lists dwindled to a few thousand with few new ones coming in because of all your bottlenecks. Push yourself out of all the tedious juggling with proxies, scrapers and tweaking and give GSA it's ideal environment to work in. Try this package for a month and experience the difference. Spend your time and frustration on your real priority: SEO. These VPSes can run GSA, Xrumer, Senuke, Scrapebox or any other linkbuilding tool with or without proxies! Technical support is free for all new signups, we'll take all your headaches away from you.

15 million domains +
 free BP VPS - $100


This bundle is available now through Dec 20th. Payments are accepted through paypal, bitcoin or WMZ. Your list and a fast VPS with 2GB RAM in Europe will be delivered to you within 24 hours. If you decide to keep the VPS it can be renewed for $50 per month. No bulk emailing is allowed from the VPS however you can use GSA, Xrumer or other linkbuilding tools to your heart's content!


  • isn't it possible to purchase the list alone?
    can you provide more data for the list (separated by engines)?
    are these all verified links?
  • These are all identified links meaning GSA has found the footprints on the urls and is ready to process them. They're not all verified but I'm seeing between 5% and 10% successful submission rates using Captcha Sniper and Spamvilla along with answerbot depending on the platform in question. I suppose I could sell the list separately but two points make me hesitate. One being that if I slash the price in half then more than twice as many people would buy the list in a given timespan, thus devaluing it faster. Secondly, this list by far exceeds the total number of verified/identified domains that others are selling for around $40 to $50 here. And there's no duplicate domains either so if someone were to buy two other lists for a total of $100 or so then they'd still get far fewer usable urls and that fact makes this list stand out too.

    I'm also somewhat interested in promoting VPSes which is the major reason I made this sales thread but hey if enough people turn their noses up at this bundle then I could split the two items up I suppose.
  • @nipester - run a dummy project and test how many verifieds you can get only with captcha braker or similiar tool and show us the results by platform. I am interested only in article, bookmark, web 2.0 sites.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    Most people really care about the number of verifieds. With your way, we all need to process the lists ourselves rather than you processing it. Just a thought. I might be interested in buying the list if it was verified. On top of that, most people have a VPS already.
  • And 2GB ram is kind of meh...
  • i'm on the same boat, i'd consider buying the list if it was run first. I would even buy it for a premium price.
  • As I said in previous in for surprise when you run a "identified list" through SER. Small % will only be verified.

    Verified list >>>>>>>>>> Identified list.
  • with the others, would be willing to purchase the verified version of the list no problem
  • same, run it and post the verifieds and then sell the verifieds.

    Ill pay for it
  • In case this is of interest, these stats are from just running CB with
    no external capchas or even askmebot. So if you have askmebot or the new
    banditim service, verifieds will be higher. The original jan24 list has
    85k identifieds in the list and my guess is with decent proxies and
    text captcha added the verifieds should hit 40k uniques at least.

    The list is updated every week now. I'm offering a $45/month subscription option too for just the GSA list.

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