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CPU/Memory Leak?

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This problem started yesterday on 7.18, and I just updated to 7.19 to see if the update addressed the issue.
SER seems to be using 99% of my CPU even when no threads are being used. I made sure the proxy manager was not grabbing/testing proxies when I took this screenshot.


This causes SER to run insanely slow (including the GUI locking up for 10+ seconds at a time), and as a result, no backlinks are being created.
The only thing I have changed recently is having SER re-verify existing backlinks on tier projects, but that change ran fine since the 6th.

Edit: I just would like to point out that the CPU usage dropped to zero about 5 minutes after all projects were stopped.

Edit Edit: Running 1 project at a time via the scheduler seemed to fix it


  • Although not as severe as before, it seems to still be happening. I think I've narrowed it down to the proxy checker. When it searches/tests for proxies (100 threads), the whole program slows down and gets choppy. I lowered the threads, but it did not effect the active threads. I then aborted the proxy checker and tried to delete all non-working, but even though it said "Threads: 0", the delete function threw an error stating that threads were still active. 
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    Do you use VPS or home PC? The reason I'm asking is because the VPS servers got ECC RAM which makes huge difference compared to home PCs. No matter how fast you home PC is the VPS will always has an advantage because of the ECC RAM memory because that type of memory has error auto correction which prevents memory leaks.

    I had similar issues and once I switched to VPS everything is a lot better. But it could be something else, just sharing my experience.
  • It is running on my PC, but the RAM stopped being an issue. Now it's mainly the CPU usage. Before, I've been able to stress test the program and have it run 1000 threads, resulting in about 85% of my processor being used. Now, 20 threads randomly jumps from 3% CPU usage to 100% CPU usage for seemingly no reason.
  • Also, a quick note: before, when SER's CPU usage status bar said 100%, it would show as using 25% of my total CPU resources, or 1 full core. Now, it uses every last bit of my CPU.) Sorry for the double post, the site isn't letting me edit my last message.
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