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Looking for Email accounts ready to use (verified, junk folder redirected/disabled)

I just bought GSA ser and now I'm setting everything.

About emails, for my first campaigns I'm thinking to buy 1,000 hotmail accounts, and I've found many seller online, but now reading the forum I can see that not all the hotmail accounts are the same.

Please anybody know if I can buy ready-to-use email accounts, or if, after the purchase, I have to open ALL the account and manually disable or redirect the junk folder?

Does anybody know a good seller?



  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    See our thread here: I consider us to be one of the cheapest providers of Hotmail accounts out there.

    All accounts are ready to use -- POP3 enabled, junk-filter disabled. All you have to do is:

    1. Purchase your accounts.
    2. Go to Account > Purchases (in your BanditIM dashboard)
    3. Copy your list of Hotmail accounts
    4. Go to GSA email settings and do:  Import > From Clipboard

    Let me know if you have any other questions!
  • Thanks, perfect answer for what I was looking for! :-)
    Just another question (or maybe do I have to open other question?).

    When I set GSA, do i have to import ALL the thousands of e-mail I will buy (so I don't have to import other email accounts maybe for months), or it's better to import one by one, changing email when the success rate is going down?

    Thanks again!
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    I suppose this is based on opinion really... it depends how scalable you plan on taking all of this. I know a lot of people have 20+ projects running every single day and wouldn't have time to be manually checking all those projects to see if success rate is down. What I think a lot of people do, I could be wrong though, is import the entire list and swamp them out on a regular-ish basis. If you use GSA right, $6 every 1-4 weeks for new emails will be pennies because of all the money you'll make ranking websites :)
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