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Deleting posts from self-hosted Wordpress

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I have re-coded the Wordpress engine to post to my self hosted blogs but I'm having trouble getting GSA to delete posts.

It seems all the engine needs to do is this

modify url=/wp-admin/post.php?post=%article_id%&action=trash&_wpnonce=%wpnonce%
just download=1

Results in this:
19:18:13: [-] 1/1 link still present -

Then if I try to switch to "just download=0", I get this.
19:20:29: [-] 1/1 no form at all -

First thing I notice is that GSA is putting "wpnonce" at front of the URL instead of the end - which causes an error when I try to manually visit it.

How can I make GSA simply visit the proper URL and delete the post? I've been reading and Scripting Manual for a while and haven't found anything.



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    Wow, after a lot of testing - I somehow managed to make this work. Nevermind on the help! :)

    Instead of visiting the URL above, I made the engine visit the Edit post URL of the post, and then find the Move to Trash link and press it.
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    @seoaddict How did you manage to post to your self hosted blogs?

    I am having trouble importing account login/pass for the blogs. What format did you use to import account data?
    I am getting "No account data found" when importing.
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    Hi, I created a new custom engine based on the engine. I removed the registration part, and hard-coded the login/password into the engine.

    I also managed to allow it to delete posts. Took like 4 hours worth of research into GSA engine coding but seems it works so far. Still doing more testing.
  • I thought Sven mentioned in other thread you can post using the "Wordpress Article" engine. Can you tell me what format you used to import account data?

    I am importing account data for blogs in this format:
    But I get "No account data found".
  • Sorry I did not use that method - I'm not sure about the account information.
  • SvenSven
    @seoaddict can you share your [delete] sections ? They might be more suitable.
  • @seoaddict can you please share the modified engine for selfhosted wordpress blogs.
  • seoaddict

    Could you share your script to post on self hosted wordpress blogs ?
    It could be very helpful for many people
    Thank you

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