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Full Vs. Quick indexer?

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I did a google search but did not find a comparison. Wondering which settings you guys use to keep SER at optimal levels. I just have it set to quick, and send everything in indexer, but maybe that isnt good. Oh, and "only deep links". What are your settings that produce good results (indexing, and also SER speeds)


  • Also would like to know which setting works but I find when you do Full Index it takes a very long time to index links, out of 400 links it has only done 20 links in some hours, that is very slow.

    Quick indexer is faster but not sure what the difference is between full and quick, or what is Custom indexer or the option of sites that can index deep.
  • I also was wondering if GSA Seo Indexer index something....
    I'm using quick indexing, but I thinks very few (or no one) urls are indexed really now.

    I agree with  mlsto, I'm also using only quick indexer, because the full takes soooo long time to finish the job.

    Ok, the price of this tool is very low, but.... is it really working well?
  • SvenSven

    Well it is working, but of course you can not grantee it is indexing each and every URL for you in 0 seconds. Using the full indexer is giving better results of course but as seen, takes longer. If you want to have it finish faster, use more threads. Quick indexer is taking 500 random sites from the database to do the submission. I am not suggesting to take only deep links option here.

  • Yes, you are right, I changed the thread number (I forgot to check it in the past...), and is really faster. Now GSA Indexer is faster tha GSA Ser, so i changed also from quick indexer to custom (1000 sites), and it's working well and fast.

    About indexing, of course I don't mean I want the index of an Url in 0 seconds. I'm checking the index after 1 week, 2 weeks, etc. I actually got some results 2 weeks after have used Gsa Index, and for some of the links, not many.

    So.... not so bad, not so good :-)
  • for an update, I just checked one of my projects and 5/45 links are indexed... after 30 days. no good. I been using quick indexer, maybe i will try the 1000 with 75 threads. How much does the full indexer go to?
  • Full indexer has 5,000 sites, quick indexer 500.

    I started with the quick option, then I tried with custom 800, now I'm using custom 1,000.

    I think you should test and try to increase the number of sites depending of the resources you have.

    FOr example, with quick index, the GSA Indexer was faster than GSA Ser, but with full index, GSA Indexer was very slower than Gsa Ser (if you stop Gsa Ser, Gsa Indexer go on for long time until it finish the already verified urls).

    SO just try to increase the sites, until more or  less the 2 tools go at the same velocity.

    Of course, you also have to balance the threads of both tools
  • I will be trying 1000 today. For all those links that arent indexed, is it recommended to put them into the indexer again? would that be bad/ok?
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    I use 30 threads, full indexer + proxies, + indexification too. I get about 90% indexed links.
  • edited January 2014
    I thought full indexer does like 5000 sites? According to this picture it is no where near that (I also dont see 5,000 load thru that window)

    Although I do have it checked "only sites that can index deep links" but that shouldnt go from 5000 to 386.
  • cherubcherub
    Why shouldn't it go from 5000 to 386? Most of those type of indexing sites only deal with domains, not individual pages.
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