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question about HUGE site lists

I have been having some issues with GSA, and I recently discovered that my site list is 13.6 million sites, that is after I removed duplicates. The file is nearly a gig.   I found out that my captchasniper wasn't working, so GSA was just sitting around, with 100meg internet and 25 proxies finding websites.  I want to speed up my results by using my site list.
I wanted to make sure I have a good selection of high PR sites, so I used sick scraper to get me about 100K PR1-PR6 sites.
My question is, if I select "use global site list" and then select a PR filter, with GSA use the PR filter?  or just randomly select a site from the list?,tlVIMHq#0


  • SvenSven
    it always selects random entries in lists...forwards it to the project and the project itself filters it out.
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