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GSA sending verified to backlink indexer service

Recently i have problem on the gsa because after i get 600+ verified backlink and gsa only send 100 to instantlinkindexer and indexification.

Is that their api problem or gsa problem and does anyone notice this because i have use their service for few week without any problem but just recently only?


  • I confirm that maybr gsa have problem this recently because just now i sae 600+ verified link and gsa send 100 link to my instantlinkindexer and indexification account.

    Then after 2 hour later i check again and it already have 900+ verified link but on my 2 indexer service account. I not see any link have been add since thr last adding link.

    Anyone have this problem?
  • What i have faced with another indexing service, when you submit links using Api it takes some time to show in indexer dashboard. Wait for at least 24 hours to check whether all of your links shows in indexer or not.
  • The instantlinkindexer and indexification i use show instant link on their dashboard when gsa send 100 link to them. I already use their service for 3 week and just yesterday until today have this problem only.

    Anyway i have email to them and wait for their reply.
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