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solidseovps + Ser identify+sort-in - threads: 33 = 100%CPU --> normal ?


I have a little problem but I don't know if this is normal or not:
If I let Ser do the thing described above (on my solidseovps: let Ser identify+sort-in with threads: 33) no matter if I lower threads down to 30 or even less: as long as I let Ser identify+sort-in, my CPU-load is permanently 99% and the process is sooo slow.
If I increase the threads to 100, 200 or 300, there is a huge delay between each cycle, Ser uses to load new urls and after all it's not much faster than if I lower threads.
Nothing else is open - only Ser - nothing else.

Is this normal ? I see the CPU-load at 100% in the performance-tab of the task manager - not only the display of Ser.

Thanks for your help...


Best Answer

  • goonergooner
    Accepted Answer
    Hmmm seems like very high usage, although the identify is slow no matter what and does use a lot of resources.

    Maybe contact solidseovps and ask if there is a problem with your server?
    Also, i would consider maybe just importing them straight into projects and skipping identifier.


  • Thanks for your help. I contacted solidseovps and they admitted to contact Ser :-( So I hope Sven has an answer for me...
  • Found the sollution: windows2008 server has to be updated to SP1 - after the update, my cpu-load on 20 threads is 2-5% and on 200 it's about 65-70%

    If anybody has the same issue with a newly created vps - try to update your version of windows to the newest available version. This fixed the issue I had...
  • maybe a reason to deploy the 2012... but I just hate that interface

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