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Having Low Success Rate with CB

Hi Everyone,

Just purchased CB. But having very low success rate of captcha solving. I am using it with "Ultimate Demon". Am i doing
something wrong or it is normal? I have read great reviews about CB, so i think i must be missing something.

Looking forward for your feedback.




  • SvenSven

    That are all recaptcha images. So yes, the solve rate for that type is not that good for now. Though you have to keep in mind the following things:

    1. only the hard to read word needs to be correct, the other is also unknown by G. and can be wrong

    2. It helps if you input the correct word on the unknown word as more than you will have answered that the same way.

    3. If point 2 applies, the known word can be party wrong as well (e.g. i = l, f =t ,,,)

    4. The more often you enter a captcha wrong the more difficult the next one gets. Until you get two words who are known to G. and have a black spot on it where chars are negative (b/w -> w/b).

    5. If you answer a hard to read captcha correctly you get easier once again

    That are just some facts about not every wrong looking captcha is actually wrong for G.

  • Thanks Sven,

    You mean that i should input myself the difficult one to get the easiers one, right? Actually i am using
    with Ultimate Demon and in UD i have setted up "DeathByCaptch" as second priority. 

    Should i eliminate that and input myself, right?

    Thx, UGem
  • SvenSven
    sorry, you might have misunderstand me. All I was saying is, that even if some captchas might be wrong in your eyes they might be ok for the site as recaptcha is very liberal on failed input.
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @UGem I suggest you send all your re-captcha images from CB to other service provider such as DeathByProxy where they solve your re-captcha manually. I do this and my campaigns are working very well. For everything else, CB is awesome. Since I bought it, It has saved me from than $1500.
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