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can i do this with proxies?

I generally want to register/post w/o proxies for max speed and to save my proxies for other tasks so they dont get banned. But I also dont want to miss a link from a good site because my ip was banned and i was not allowed to register/post

Is it possible to detect a failed reg/post error from ip block and use a proxy just in that particular case?

If not currently, would be a cool addition


  • SvenSven
    that can be added in scripts. Though I did not configure that for many engines as I need to know the exact error message for the engines on a ban. If you can provide that, I can add/update it.
  • googlealchemistgooglealchemist Anywhere I want
    cool, i see what you mean. i dont mind doing the legwork if i can get an efficient plan to do so since there are so many different engines.

    would all of the sites that banned my ip be outputting into the failed file? since the overall failed file would be way to big to go thru , is there anything else i can use to whittle down that list?

    is there anything else anyone can think of the get this info in a more automated way?
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