Questions About Global Site Lists

I have a couple of questions about using the global site lists, wondering if anyone can help:

  1. When using the global site list. Does GSA still look for on-page footprints to identify the platform or does it simply attempt to post to the known platform from the filename? (e.g. sitelist_Article-BuddyPress.txt - GSA already knows it's buddypress so doesn't need to identify again)
  2. If a link has been removed on a URL from a success list and an error page is present, which is not part of the CMS, such as a default html 404 page. Will GSA still try to identify the platform by going to the homepage? Or will this site be missed on future runs?

Thanks in advance

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    1. It's always going to identify sites.

    2. If that error page has no typical footprints from that engines, it is not trying to go to a different URL.

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