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Pause The Project After.....

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Hey all,

Firstly, like most people here I am absolutely loving this software. It's the best backlinking software I've ever used.

Now on to the reason for the topic, I have some projects that I have set to 'Pause the project after 30 submissions reached in a day" but what I would really like it to do is instead of pausing the full project, have it switch to verify the links only.... (it would still be paused in a way but just verifying my links that are already submitted)

This may be a feature already and I just haven't come across it yet or it does it without me noticing, but would there be any chance of this being added if it isn't?

If it is, can someone please point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!


  • SvenSven
    If a project is on pause it means it is not submitting anything. Though it is always verifying links. Thats also the reason why some people see more verified links even if the project should pause after XYZ submissions/verifications.
  • Nice one Sven, I guess I've just not noticed it verifying when the project has been paused. So looks like my feature request is already a feature.

    Thanks for your reply.
  • it possible to stop the project after X links? For some project I just want to create say. 200 links and no more than that..atm I have to manually stop the project once I see 200 links been would be nice feature if I could select how many links I want to post for how many links over 7 days ( evenly distributed or randomly)
  • SvenSven
    Thats exactly what you can do. Just that this setting is lost if you restart a project or the program. Than it doesn't remember how many links it has submitted to. Just calculate the minutes for X days and enter it in the project settings. Set the time to wait to a really high value and you have a "stop"
  • I would like for the software to create  x accounts and then stop.  But instead of it totally stopping.  verify those accounts and post to them.  Whatever fails disregard.  This way I know what could be successful and what is not.  As of now I always have left over accounts that don't get submitted to.  Like if I have currently 207 that says submitted and only 11 that says verified but the project is set to stop on 50 links.  There is not telling how many accounts that it will create before it reaches that verified value. 
    I understand that some of the sites will not be successful but what about the ones that could be that I will never know about unless I just let this project run. 
  • edited December 2012
    @Sven .. if i set pause project after 1000 submissions for 400000 minutes [means i only want 1000 submission and after that project will stop forever]....with this setting, will SER submit 1000 submission in a  day or will it spread over the moment I can't specify how many days..OR is there any way to specify how many days SER should run this 1000 submissions over 10 days and then project will stop it possible to have this option or any way to achieve this?
  • I dont think GSA has a drip feed option, it will just keep working until achieve the 1000 mark, doesnt matter When.
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