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How to reset a counter in CB for a particular captcha type ???

A few hrs ago I started to use CB for recaptcha solving, (=disconnected spamvilla which is down for more than 54 hrs now)

I would love to reset the recaptcha counter to start from 0 and give me exact % of recaptcha solving

How to reset a counter in CB for a particular captcha type ???


  • SvenSven
    Guess thats a feature request ;P
  • SvenSven
    - new: ability to reset statistics for a certain captcha type by popup menu
  • @sven

    :) so be it a feature request for  good cause

    since long my overall counter shows 66%
    I am sure the new % might be much better after all the improvements made in CB

    and for the recaptcha improvements it might give useful numbers to help ppl move to alternate service = built in CB instead of frustration causing spamvilla

  • SvenSven
    Well  I wouldn't call inbuilt recaptcha support an alternative for now. But it's seeing some progress ;)
  • with spamvilla now being down for nearly 70 hrs = and doing so repeatedly several times per month
    its better than SV
    because CB local and always UP = faster

    and for me entire SER project very soon completed anyway
    currently with CB recaptcha support my overalll % verified vs submit approx same as with SV = around 50% verified
    good enough for me
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