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Tier 2 projects (use verified urls) no verified links

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I have trouble with all my tier 2 projects (which using 'use verified urls of project' feature of gsa).

Any of that tier 2 projects creating lot of submitted links (1000+) but no any verified links found. It starts one week or two ago, and after it i unable to get verified links for tier 2 projects. Tier 1 projects submitted/verified successfully, so I cannot figure out what is wrong. Difference only in project level.
Everywhere used different emails (pop3 ok, no spam filter), all settings is looks correct (same just more platforms than in tier 1 projects).

I tryed to disable Avoid posting url on same domain twice option, but it nothing changed. 
I opened email account for one of such tier2 project (in settings no remove emails). Verification emails, emails with password is here, but gsa not posts/create profiles at such accounts.

Can Sven take a look in it? I can send him this project backup and logs.
Is anybody else have similar problem? 



  • edited October 2012
    Just tested. for tier 2 project unchecked 'Use Verified URLS of of another project)' and imported list of urls from tier 1 project. Started that project (no more changes!) and for 15 minutes already 12 verified links.

    So looks like problem in tier links handling by gsa ranker. Can you fix it, Sven please?
  • SvenSven
    Thats a complete different way to handle things and doesn't mean there is a bug. Send me the project (the one that didn't verify) and I have a look.
  • email sent

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