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How do you assign emails to projects?

so I have like 5k emails, and I thought instead of assigning 10 - 20 emails to each project and then keeping track of email-project pairs to avoid assigning the same emails to similar projects I would just import all 5k emails to every new project I start.
but than I thought that GSA probably picks emails from email pool randomly , so in case when my email pool is only 10 emails when time to verify ,lets say 1000 links  comes up, GSA checks only 10 emails for links, while when my pool is 5k emails, this 1000links that need email verification are probably scattered around 1000 emails , and to verify them GSA probably would need to check  1000 emails , considering email verification is done in one thread - verifying 1000 emails can be time consuming. so.... how you guys do it?


  • I guess what you need to do is.. when you create a project, just copy 10 email to that project.. and that's it.. move to another project.. put 10 email.. and keep going.. you don't have to use all the 1000 email for all project.. you will get them blacklisted and not good for you..
  • edited December 2013
    Highlight all projects, right click, import emails, choose from how many emails per project (there is a pop-up box) and it's done.
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