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Got awesome VPS but GSA only uses 10% of the resources!


I've taken a look at the forum but I couldn't find any working answer to these questions:

1. How do I make GSA run more threads? I set in setting to 400 threads but GSA itself still runs 30-40...

2. How can I get a higher LPM, I keep being stuck at 7-8, and I heard people having a lot higher, my CPU and RAM memory can handle a lot more, it's constantly at 200MB RAM used and 10% CPU.

3. Am I able to put in my own footprints? I've seen these and they could work:

I do have private proxies!



  • SvenSven
    answered by email. Next time just ask either here or email. I hate to repeat myself. Maybe paste my answer from email here for others.
  • Hey Sven, Sorry for double posting, new here, next time I'll choose either one! For the other users: Check out their FAQ, what I found out myself is that you'll get better results when you run more projects! Regards
  • this is what I call high LPM
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