Problem with making tier 2's

Hey, so lately there's been a change in the the way you can assign a project to another as tier 2. In the past you could click edit project, use verified url's of another project and then tick the project you wanted it to build links to. Now, per default, all other projects are ticked. This is a huge time-waster for me as I often build 3-4 new tier's per day and run about 100 projects. Imaging unticking 300-400 projects every day to simply assign 1 project to another... Please is there any other way I can assign the tier 2 projects?


  • goonergooner
    Accepted Answer
    Sven is going to fix this so don't worry.
    For now, just right-click and select "uncheck all" and then just check the project you need ;)
  • thanks a lot gooner! Huge time saver, really looking forward to the fix. It's driving me nuts and of course I was stupid enough not try the and right-click.
  • royserparoyserpa (URL and Domain Deduped!) GSA SER VERFIED Lists! =>
    @gooner thanks a lot man, i wa wondering the same as op.
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    latest update should not have any projects checked. I hope thats what you wanted.
  • ronron
    ^^Yes, you got it @sven.
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