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Can we have a master email list for all projects?

It's quite troublesome to load in emails manually for each campaign one by one if you have tons of campaigns going on at the same time and you want to duplicate them. @Sven, could you make GSA use a "Master Email List" where you can load up thousands of your email accounts so that each time you create a campaign, the SER will automatically pick an email from the masters list and also at the same time remove it from the list so that it doesn't get used again in other campaigns? I can see this feature saving a lot of time for many people, especially those with many campaigns. It would also be much more convenient and easy since you only need to load up one list.


  • SvenSven
    well you can use the right button on projects and import emails. There you have options for this.
  • @Sven I used import emails after you told me last week but it didn't work. I manually checked the projects and the old emails were still there. Are you sure it works, doing bulk import and choose say 10 emails per project? It certainly didn't for me. I've just been through them all today and manually checked, deleted blacklisted and removed dead emails for 400+'s a bit tiring...
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    @Sven then duplicating projects like this, there's a chance SER might reuse a already used email. Plus, the masters email list would make creating large amounts of campaigns a much quicker and easier process.
  • all work great with bulk importing emails! just look and try
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