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Fresh PRIVATE proxies - GSA SER claims 10/30 don't work despite the fact I didn't even use them !

grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
Hi guys, I just bought a package of 30 private proxies from, loaded them into SER and checked, what I got is: "20/30 testes proxies seem to work". Does anyone else experienced something like this ? I had some problems with semi-private - SER was telling me over and over again that a lot of proxies are dead and buyproxies were always replacing dead ones, but there are always some dead ones, always ! I didn't notice something like this before. Once, I sent some dead ones to buyproxies' staff and they replaced them but told me that these proxies are not dead in their system.


  • Dead as in not working at all? or Dead as in not passing google test?
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    edited December 2013
    they don't pass Google test, but I also can't get any link verified - just a few - something must be wrong. I've been building ~ 1000 backlinks a day (T1 and 2 together) with 30 semi private from buyproxies and now I just loaded 30 fresh private proxies, got global lists selected(and there are still plenty of sites SER could post to), no strict filters - and it all goes so f.. slowly, I didn't change any settings - yesterday was everything ok, I didn't change internet provider, still same, new and good pc... no idea what's wrong, will see, if it will be all the same tomorrow then I'll try to get some help from Sven sending him my projects on pm, but anyway - is it ok that SER shows me that only 20/30 proxies -that are bought a few minutes before checking - pass test, right ?
  • goonergooner
    @grax1 - Ask buyproxies to replace them with new ones. They will do it no problem,
  • I think Google tests (through SER) show as dead. Try against Bing/other engines. It could be that they are temporarily banned as they are getting used at the same time as the test. I get this all of the time, and sometimes 15 of 20 private proxies are showing as dead but testing against other engines they are all cool/and proxyhub agree/and scrapebox tests show they are good.
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