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How to use SEREngines properly?

Hi guys! I subscribed to few weeks ago. I think that those WEB 2.0 links are good for TIER 1 especially. I created some multi-tier projects where TIER 1 consist only from 30-40 WEB 2.0 links from SEREngines. Is this good idea? Or should I use those WEB 2.0 in some different way? (maybe combine with some articles or something elese). Or maybe 30-40 WEB 2.0 links is not enough for TIER 1?

Thanks for your help!


  • @machovski This is a good idea at least to start with as time goes one I would add some other high PR links for different variety. Just my opinion.

    Are you getting many successful submissions with

  • @JD_PMG Thanks for your answer, mate!

    Successful rate is not bad in SEREngines. Usually I get about 20 verified links. Then I delete target URL History and target URL Cache, and run whole circle again, so I have about 40 verified links in total...

  • 20 verified from web 2.0 or from web 2.0 + web 2.0 profiles?
  • From web 2.0 + web 2.0 profiles
  • huh.. now I was wondering how you got so much verified :)
  • Ok, but my original question was a little different..... :)

    Nobody knows how to use SEREngines???

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