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SER send http post parameter "captcha_platform" to CaptchaSniper ? if not - need to send!


  • SvenSven
    Of course it does send it. That was one addition made back than to help Mikey. Oh if I only would have known what a false guy he is.
  • false guy ? what happen ? :-)
  • SvenSven

    Well I don't want to come up with that again but this guy is just a big kid in my eyes. He tries to spread lies and false information wherever he can. You have seen him getting banned on many forums due to his unethical marketing. All I hear from him are lies.

    • he copies almost every feature I added to CB without improving anything on himself.
    • he buys libs and says he improved speed or something (can he actually code?)
    • he even steals captchas from default CB setup or shared captcha types by users
    • he sends other people to his/our sales thread who than scream CS>CB or other stupid lies. Just check the latest "Test of CB vs CS" on bhw. 

    Anyway I helped this guy in the past with his protection, features and whatsoever. But as he saw his sales go down since every serious SEO guy uses CB now, he started to get ugly.

  • He is author of CaptchaSniper ?
  • SvenSven

  • :)>- ok, thanks for the info
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