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Remove the pipe | and following site name of links created by %meta_title%


the recently introduced %meta_title% creates precise and excellent  links with proper anchor text
always adds a pipe followed by the target site linked TO

my article title at site2 | site name site 2

that added | site name site 2 looks ugly and makes the anchor longer than necessary

is there a method or new feature to remove ALL AFTER the pipe starting from the pipe "|" ??


  • SvenSven
    Hmm I can add it internally.
  • perfect
    not ll have a pipe, some have other separators
    but the pipe seems to solve most URLs
  • Does the meta title ta of the page have the actual "| extra site info" or are you saying GSA adds it?
  • typically many site or CMS templates / blog templates used  are adding the site name to each article or post / page. {= poor SEO practice!)
    %meta_title% grabs the existing title of a post in full, thus incl added text by the host site
    hence theoretically it is easy in SER to filter the title before creating an anchor-text

    the only typically seen separators between actual article-title and site-name is a pipe (most frequent) OR sometimes a dash (-)

    hence in an ideal solution both could be filtered "|" AND "-"
    IN MY CASE that would work perfectly
    but may be others have used a "-" in their title and thus they might loose part of title in anchor-text

  • I see what you mean but not sure what the best solution is. It seems like such a case by case basis. Not everyone is going to want this change. Many times the whole title including any extra is the most natural anchor text as no other automated tool would remove that text. For example track backs or random scrapers. In some cases I might want it removed but in many cases I would want it to stay as it is actually the most natural way to do it in reference to how the rest of the web operates.
  • your opinion - my opinion
    for me too late for discussions as I plan to naturally conclude my entire 16+ yrs web publisher career in the very near future
    and thus also my SER use

    in the worst of all cases there could be an option - to remove or not as users choice
    certainly possible and easy to code if really 2 worlds collide
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